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Schlafender Hase: Leading the Way in Content Comparison Software for Over 20 Years.

Our Mission

At Schlafender Hase (SH), we provide software solutions for unmet needs in challenging business environments. We help our customers reduce errors and risks and work more efficiently. We do this with best-in-class technical solutions, unique problem-solving skills and service orientation. 

SH is poised for growth in its current markets with new products and services and will broaden its footprint in new geographies and sectors. 

At SH, we believe in equality and self-empowerment and that leading, value-adding products come from motivated people and teams that strive for continuous improvement. 

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The Schlafender Hase Story

Founded over 20 years ago on strong German quality principles and a sleeping hare’s quirkiness, Schlafender Hase has always worked closely with clients to create the best software solution for both development and responding to actual needs in the field.


Schlafender Hase GmbH was founded on May 1, 2001, by Frank Hessler (Managing Director, Programming) and Willie Schnaubelt (Managing Director, Customer Service)


The name Schlafender Hase was initially an internal code name.
The name stuck.
It means “Sleeping Hare

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The first version of TVT was developed in 2003 and went to market in 2004.


1st Global TVT Customer


The EMA chooses TVT

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All major languages, Automated Annotations and QRD template support are all part of TVT by 2011. TVT has come to mean easy, efficient and accurate proofreading.



MHRA chooses TVT


Schlafender Hase Inc. opens its doors in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to better serve its North American customers.


Schlafender Hase adopts the unicode character U+1F407 (the rabbit) from the Unicode Consortium.
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Co-founder Willie Schnaubelt retired and Wieland Capital, a family office, headquartered in Munich, became a shareholder of the company. Frank Hessler continues to lead the company as Managing Director.

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The newest version of TVT, TVT X, was introduced. TVT add-on modules are also made available which gives users access to specific functionality they may need.

tvt logos


TVT Artwork and TVT Spelling are available to use in conjunction with TVT. TVT Barcode is next to be released.


European Medicines Agency (EMA) doubles the number of user licenses for TVT®, the Text Verification Tool®.


Schlafender Hase celebrates its 20th birthday on May 1!


Schlafender Hase® has released TVT Barcode, a new module for its flagship TVT®, the Text Verification Tool® for automated proofreading.


The name Schlafender Hase was initially an internal code name. The name stuck. It means “Sleeping Hare”.


Schlafender Hase® announces the release of TVT 11.1, the latest version of its industry-leading proofreading software. Functionalities integrated into TVT 11.1 simplify text verification and workflows in an electronic labelling (e-labelling) environment.


Schlafender Hase announces that André Cerbe joins the company as co-CEO.


TVT celebrates 20 years since going to market! What a long way we have come from TVT being on a disk.

Achievements and Certifications

Unicode character Schlafender Hase adopts the Unicode character U+1F407 (the rabbit) from the Unicode Consortium.

Schlafender Hase is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Design and Software Development for Regulated Environments.

Named The Leader by Pharma Tech Outlook The Leader in Intelligent Automated Proofreading Solutions – Schlafender Hase.

labeling in the pharmaceutical industry

Meet Our Managing Directors

Frank Hessler - CEO of Schlafender Hase

Frank Hessler

Frank is the Managing Director at Schlafender Hase. He co-founded the company in 2001 and was initially responsible for overseeing the Text Verification Tool (TVT) development and future applications. Since 2017, Frank has held a broader role in the company, managing all aspects, from software development to sales and marketing. Frank has been instrumental in Schlafender Hase’s quick growth and is committed to bringing proofreading software to new industries and regions.

André Cerbe

André assumed the role of Managing Director at Schlafender Hase in 2023, leading our Sales, Marketing, and Finance departments, along with strategic initiatives. Bringing extensive experience in MedTech, Healthcare, and Private Equity, André has a proven track record of successfully developing and growing companies. His strategic vision has played a pivotal role in steering organizations towards sustained success.

André Cerbe - CoCEO of Schlafender Hase

Our Commitment to Our Customers


Respect for others opens the mind to understanding their needs. Purposefully cultivating respect makes our team sensitive to what makes our clients and their goals unique. It creates the space for us to learn, improve and deliver what our customers need to succeed.


By holding ourselves accountable to our clients, we cultivate our respect for their needs and goals. We stand by what we do; we are proud of positive results and eager to formulate and implement a plan when we see an opportunity for improvement.


By respecting our customers’ needs and goals, and by holding ourselves accountable, we create a quality product that meets our customers’ needs effectively, efficiently, reliably, simply and at a fair price. Our customers expect quality from us and so do we.
Wieland Capital Logo


Wieland Capital, a family office, became a shareholder of Schlafender Hase in 2017. With a shared vision of supporting growth and innovation, both companies are dedicated to enhancing product development and maintaining Schlafender Hase’s leadership in the field of content comparison and proofreading software for regulated industries. This partnership ensures the continuous delivery of high-quality, user-friendly solutions that streamline proofreading processes and save valuable time.

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What Our Customers Say

Azurity: “We’ve gained tremendous efficiencies with TVT, and the time savings are astronomical. We can quickly run and review a report, which is easy to understand, and provide this as a supporting document to substantiate the work of the team.”

Dr. Max Pharma Artwork Development teams saved time, increased accuracy and achieved greater confidence creating and verifying artwork for labeling and packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Automated proofreading, with TVT (Text Verification Tool) unleashed new capabilities and fostered team spirit.

With the implementation of TVT in its quality assurance department, New World Medical is achieving significant time savings. It now also plans to roll out the automated proofreading solution from Schlafender Hase across other parts of the company.

See how TVT can help reduce your proofreading workload.

For The Media

Schlafender Hase is committed to illuminating text verification and quality control trends and is a trusted data provider in this field.
For any media-related queries, please contact the team at

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