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How a National Regulatory Authority Increased Their Proofreading Targets by Over 50%

National Regulatory Authority

‘’TVT has contributed to a 50% increase in targets, which is truly more than we expected from any electronic solution,’’ reiterates the senior manager in the unit. ‘’It has given our team the ability to streamline our proofreading process and focus on improving our internal procedures.’’

Medical Device Industry

Proofreading Software for the Medical Device Industry Medical Device documentation is often comprehensive and highly complex. Error-free manual proofreading is virtually impossible. Get the TVT Medical Device Buyer Guide Why do Medical Device companies need content comparison? Anytime content changes from the original format, there is a risk of error. An incorrect symbol such as … Read more

Pharmaceutical Industry

Proofreading Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry A packaging or labeling mistake is not a risk that Pharma companies can take. Get the TVT Pharma Buyer Guide Why do Pharma companies need content comparison? Manual proofreading is long, error prone and time-consuming. In an industry like Pharma, where the need for consistent and accurate documents is … Read more

Company – New

Our Company Schlafender Hase: Leading the Way in Content Comparison Software for Over 20 Years. Our Mission At Schlafender Hase (SH), we provide software solutions for unmet needs in challenging business environments. We help our customers reduce errors and risks and work more efficiently. We do this with best-in-class technical solutions, unique problem-solving skills and … Read more

Introducing e-Labelling For Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer

In the consumer world, it’s now common practice to access product information online. For detailed instructions or information about manufacturing practices, safety advice and so on, users can scan a QR code or go to a web address. This will take them to the latest details, in an easily digestible format – often including audio and video options now, for maximum accessibility.

Preparing for a Paperless Future: How the Medical Device Sector is Embracing e-labelling

As the medical device sector continues to rapidly evolve, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that patients and healthcare professionals have access to up-to-date product and safety information. E-labelling provides a convenient way to share important information. Here, Schlafender Hase’s Peter Muller explores the advantages of e-labelling for the medical device sector, as well as providing some practical tips for getting ahead with the processes, procedures and solutions necessary for a successful transition to e-labelling.

E-labeling: The Road to Reduced Medical Device Packaging Material

E-labeling: The Road to Reduced Medical Device Packaging Material

New directives and guidance aim to connect patients, physicians and other stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem with a consistently up-to-date information source for product and safety information that isn’t dependent on paper. Schlafender Hase’s Peter Muller explores the promise of e-labeling and practical next steps required to deliver on these directives.

Digital Transformation of Medical Device Labelling: A Practical Guide

Medical Device Labelling

By allowing medical device suppliers to provide up-to-date, reliable product and safety information in a secure and accessible format, e-labelling has the potential to revolutionise how medical professionals and patients access and manage information. In this article, Peter Muller of Schlafender Hase examines the potential of e-labelling and recommends practical steps to secure the benefits of e-labelling.