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January 10, 2024

The Schlafender Hase Team

Pharmanovia Case Study – Embracing Technology to Ensure Patient-Safety

Pharmanovia is a global specialty pharma company dedicated to rediscovering, repurposing and re-engineering iconic pharmaceutical brands. As one of the fastest-growing specialty pharma companies, it places tremendous importance on embracing efficient technologies to ensure patient safety. Safety, quality and compliance are cornerstones of Pharmanovia’s artwork department. The team uses Adobe InDesign for artwork, and a dedicated artwork management system. Read the Pharmanovia case study below to learn the results they experienced when using TVT and the TVT Artwork module.

Hear directly from the Pharmanovia team:

Automated technologies to promote patient well-being

Typically, the team proofreads artwork documents in PDF format against approved documents in MS Word. Sometimes, an approved legacy PDF document serves as the basis for new versions. Manually proofreading patient information leaflets in particular was extremely time-consuming and posed a potential risk of oversight and error. “Multiple reviews were often necessary to make sure the artwork was correct,” explains Paulina Hughes, associate director of the artwork team.

Against a background of strong growth, and its keen awareness of patient safety, the team looked for ways of automating proofreading to further increase the accuracy and reduce the amount of time spent on verifying documents.

TVT Improved Day-to-Day Efficiency

The return on investment due to time-savings and efficiency was fast. Using TVT, the team could immediately see any deviations between the approved MS Word or PDF version and the new artwork version without having to re-read the entire document. Furthermore, TVT could be effortlessly integrated into the artwork management system. Proofreading patient information leaflets could be performed using TVT within the artwork workflow, eliminating a previous disconnect due to manual proofreading.

The TVT report has become an integral part of this final artwork approval step, reducing review cycles and the time spent on sign-off downstream in Regulatory Affairs. Samantha Turff, Manager, Artwork explains “Since implementing TVT, the Regulatory team is a lot more confident in approving an artwork once they have reviewed the report, since they have the 100% security that the text matches whatever is approved by the health authority”.

Results with TVT

“Our goal at Pharmanovia is to continue to implement automation across different departments,” says Paulina Hughes. “We’re investing heavily in software that talks to each other, and we’re promoting this right across the multiple departments. This is crucial for us, as we’re growing so fast.”

The team finds TVT intuitive and comprehensive, pointing to functionalities such as its ability to recognise slug areas in InDesign artwork, and to easily exclude document areas when necessary. “This is massively useful,” the team says. Being able to compare digital offline artwork files with online versions by simply inserting the URL will also save time and increase safety and compliance in future e-labeling formats, the team adds.

Pharmanovia embraces technologies to promote patient safety – a value it shares with its partner in automated comparison software, Schlafender Hase.

About Pharmanovia

Pharmanovia is a global lifecycle management healthcare company with headquarters in Basildon (United Kingdom) and a diverse and growing team in over 160 countries across the globe. It is dedicated to enhancing established medicines by rediscovering, repurposing or re-engineering iconic brands to improve patient outcomes and experiences both through in-house development and through strategic partnerships. Pharmanovia works to improve the lives of patients globally by delivering high-quality solutions, ethically and sustainably, across its four core therapeutic areas of Endocrinology, Neurology, Cardiovascular and Oncology.

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Pharmanovia Case Study – Embracing Technology to Ensure Patient-Safety

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