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Secure your process by building TVT into your digital workflows.

Why do you need to integrate TVT?

Because switching windows is so 1990s

Works with any digital workflows, whether on-premise or cloud based

Automate costly low gain activities such as finding, downloading, opening, loading, creating, saving, sending, and emailing files.

Minimize the risk of human error by automating the file handling process.

Strengthen and automate your audit trail by capturing TVT results in your digital workflows.

Ensures process integrity as it automatically moves files directly into TVT and back to their source after comparison.

Integrate TVT into your customized workflows.

Why Integrate TVT

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Expand the core TVT software solution with the add-on modules

The software solution, TVT, the Text Verification Tool, and its modules automatically verify text, spelling, artwork and barcodes.

The core TVT software solution finds changes between your original document and revisions at any stage of your workflow.

With 48 dictionaries, including Arabic, Hebrew and Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, TVT Spelling can check multilingual documents whether your team speaks the language or not.

Automatically find deviations in your artwork files that can be easily overlooked during a visual comparison with TVT Artwork.

Easily detect, decode, compare and grade digital barcodes with TVT Barcode, ensuring accuracy before you go to print.

Secure your process by building TVT into your digital workflows.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“TVT is so simple to work with, even without any previous experience or training.”

Stavroula Asimakopoulou, Product Information Specialist, Pharmathen

“We have improved the quality with fewer errors from the outset, with faster proofreading and with the possibility of a full-trail audit report. The content is right the first time, and the client is happy with the perfect quality and huge time savings.”

Jimmy Rouget, Production Manager, Mot.Tiff

“TVT has been incredibly valuable for verifying our artwork.”

Torben Hangler, Translation Coordinator, Novo Nordisk

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