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November 17, 2020

The Schlafender Hase Team

TVT Connect works with Your Information Management System

Imagine two people, both highly valued experts in their own fields. If we could bring them together, their value would increase exponentially. But there’s a hitch: Neither understands what the other is saying. Now imagine these two people are world class software. Imagine the value we could create. At Schlafender Hase, we’re looking for new ways to make our customers more efficient. We’ve developed a solution that allows any information management system to “talk” with our TVT® Text Verification Tool®. We call it TVT Connect.

TVT Connect is an Application Programming Interface (API) that brings together all the functionalities of our TVT Text Verification Tool with virtually any information management system used in industry. TVT Connect works easily with both web-based and on-site systems.

  • Integration for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industry

Our customers in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries immediately reap the benefits. By using TVT Connect, they can integrate the TVT proofreading tool with Regulatory Information Management (RIM) systems, with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, or with other systems such as Laboratory Information Management systems (LIMs) or a Quality Management System (QMS). They benefit from world-class proofreading software integrated with all the advantages of their information management system of choice. This takes efficiency, accuracy and regulatory compliance to the next level in one integrated process and workflow.

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical and medical device industries, automating proofreading with TVT speeds time-to-market, increases compliance, and reduces the risk of errors that may damage patients’ health or lead to costly recalls or even loss of market authorization. TVT is also widely used by manufacturers of over-the-counter (OTC) products and in workflows across the value chain in many regulated industries.

  • Adding Value for FMCG/CPG Manufacturers

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)/Consumer product goods (CPG) manufacturers will appreciate that TVT Connect provides the “handshake” for integrating TVT with any Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system used in industry. And artwork departments everywhere will appreciate the easy integration of TVT with their artwork management systems (AMS).

Customers in the FMCG/CPG industry deal with a large variety of packaging. A strong brand has a high value and is hard-fought for. Packaging is where the battle takes place. Brands must be protected. Brand protection and perception of product quality through attractive and compliant packaging are very important considerations.

TVT can verify text in any language, is precise and very easy to use. It inspects tables for accuracy and consistency, highlighting any deviations. While this is a critical feature in proofreading labeling and packaging in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, FMCGs/CPGs will find this especially useful for comparing documents to verify nutrition facts and to pick up potentially damaging errors in critical information, such as allergens on food and beverage packaging.

As well as in the food and beverages industry, TVT is adding value to customers’ brands in industries such as chemicals, agrochemicals, and consumer health, which includes wellness, oral health, nutrition, and skin health products.

  • Functionalities to Make Brands Compliant and Look Good

Case in point: cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. These regulated segments are based very much on aesthetics and well-being. Cosmetics and cosmeceutical packaging is often small and difficult to proofread manually. TVT automated proofreading software will find and highlight any text or embedded image deviations, and an adaptive style functionality allows the verification of font attributes such as size, bold/italic, underline and sub/superscript through to a comprehensive report on all deviations.

A pixel-by-pixel comparison performed by TVT Artwork – a module in the TVT solution – will pick up deviations in graphic elements such as product logo, warning symbols, colour, and any other graphic variances between two versions. TVT Artwork permits spot colour and layer control so that you can select and verify exactly what you want in artwork.

Benefits across the board include reduced risk, lower costs, increased efficiency, regulatory and legal compliance, as well as brand protection.

Annotation of PDF files and automatic generation of a PDF report are also functions that promote efficiency across all industries. The advantage of TVT Connect here is that it allows reports from TVT to appear automatically in your information management system. Changes and suggestions relating to text or artwork can be 100% tracked and recorded, creating a verifiable audit trail. Pre-media can use this report to show what steps it has implemented. And this opens up possibilities in terms of process optimization for users of TVT to identify and track inefficiencies and subsequently improve processes and workflow.

Whether in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, or across the value chain of FMCGs/CPGs or any other industry, integrating TVT with information management systems results in fewer reprints and recalls, less manual proofreading and more automation (more proof, less reading), and an increase in first-time right.

The bottom line? A quantum leap in efficiency, resulting in time savings, optimized processes, lower costs, fewer errors, greater compliance, and brand protection.

If you would like to know more about TVT Connect and integration with information management systems, contact us:

Do you want to find out more about how your proofreading life can be easier? Get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it.

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