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Spelling Verification for Regulated Industries

TVT Spelling can spell check multilingual documents whether your team speaks the language or not. With 48 dictionaries, including Arabic, Hebrew and Thai, TVT Spelling can check multiple files with different formats and layouts in the same review session.

Who uses TVT Spelling?

Anyone involved with the creation, revision and approval of documents including text, from creators to proofreaders and printers.

Why do you need TVT Spelling?

Don’t speak the language? No problem!

Supports all EU official languages, including Finnish, plus Arabic, Hebrew, Thai and more.

Easily switch languages between projects

Check multiple files with different formats and layouts in the same spelling session

Ensure accurate spelling of your brand and product names by easily creating a custom dictionary

Add industry specific dictionaries such as Stedman’s Medical Dictionary

Improve compliance by tracking all activity in a single audit trail report

TVT Spelling is Easy to Use!

Catch Errors Before The Market Does

TVT saves Biomapas up to two days of proofreading

TVT Spelling Features


Covering all major languages and variations.


Customize your own dictionary to include product names, ingredients etc.


Add over 100,000 medical terms with the Stedman's® Plus Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker provided by Wolters Kluwer.


Multiple native file formats supported. Check multiple files with different formats, layouts or orientation in the same TVT Spelling review session. Ex. DOCX to XML or XML to PDF.

Expand the core TVT software solution with the add-on modules

The software solution, TVT, the Text Verification Tool, and its modules automatically verify text, spelling, artwork and barcodes.

The core TVT software solution finds changes between your original document and revisions at any stage of your workflow.

With 48 dictionaries, including Arabic, Hebrew and Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, TVT Spelling can check multilingual documents whether your team speaks the language or not.

Automatically find deviations in your artwork files that can be easily overlooked during a visual comparison with TVT Artwork.

Easily detect, decode, compare and grade digital barcodes with TVT Barcode, ensuring accuracy before you go to print.

Secure your process by building TVT into your digital workflows.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We choose TVT because we work with documents that include a lot of text. Before documents can be printed, they need to be approved by many people. In detecting deviations, TVT does a faster and more reliable job than the human eye.”

Joana Novais, Graphic Designer
Laboratório Edol

“It was such a relief to have TVT as part of our process. Not only was the tool easy to use, it allowed us to become more efficient and scale up our output significantly.”

Dr. Anna Derr, Senior Project Manager of the Medical Information Department
Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel

“Errors were recognized quickly, and the number of correction cycles was significantly reduced. Errors that could have formerly led to expensive reprints were avoided.”

Michael Breiler, Director of Packaging Development
Lohmann & Rauscher

What Our Customers Are Saying

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