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For over 16 years Biomapas has supported Pharma, Biotech and Medtech companies with clinical trial, regulatory affairs, medical writing and vigilance solutions. Their qualified team has extensive experience in conducting clinical studies, leading medicinal products and medical devices to the market, providing life-cycle management and pharmaco-/materiovigilance services. Biomapas has been ISO 9001 and 13485 certified since 2012.

The Challenges

Biomapas currently caters to 64 countries across Europe, CIS and MENA regions. Being able to provide clinical trial, regulatory affairs, medical writing and vigilance solutions to all of these countries requires them to have a large repertoire of native speakers on staff. The issue they faced was that no one was able to check the work of the native speakers to see if there were any errors. Since providing TOP quality work to their customers has always been a fundamental corporate initiative for Biomapas, they knew that they needed a way to ensure document accuracy, and therefore decided to turn to proofreading software as a solution.

Biomapas knew what they were looking for in a proofreading software based on the most common types of files they had to inspect: artwork, application forms, submissions and product information.

Some of the functionalities they needed were:

  • Reliable inspection in multiple languages

  • Accurate comparison of cartons

  • Improved speed when inspecting patient leaflets

  • Ability to compare all materials to approved product information

After using TVT (Text Verification Tool®) during a trial period they noticed that TVT was able to meet all of these requirements and more. “We were looking for a tool to inspect artwork, application forms, submissions and product information, but were very pleased to find out that we could actually apply the use of TVT to other areas and much earlier in the document review process than we originally thought.” said Lina Grubliauskaitė, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Biomapas.

Choosing TVT (Text Verification Tool)

Biomapas evaluated a few proofreading software options, but in the end TVT was the software of choice for this ever growing company. “The trial version was very helpful in making the final decision, but ultimately it was due to the very good recommendations we received from partners who were already using TVT.” shared Mindaugas Broga, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Biomapas. “TVT really promotes itself - the functionality and quality of this tool is of such high value, it was an easy decision for our team. Additionally, the stellar support we received from TVT Developers and the Schlafender Hase® team, really made us feel confident and validated our purchase”.

Biomapas currently manages all components of packaging review with TVT software.

“Our original review process was long and involved the time of at least 2 people. Since implementing TVT our team saves 1 to 2 days per piece and only uses the time of 1 person. It was exactly what we needed to improve our overall document quality and team productivity” said Lina Grubliauskaitė.

In order to get the most effective use out of TVT, Biomapas decided to create a new job position and this person would be the primary TVT user at the company. This being said, in order to ensure effective cross training, the entire team participated in a TVT training session at their location. “Even though TVT is very user friendly, we wanted the whole team to be trained so that we are all as prepared as possible and could use TVT whenever needed” said Grubliauskaitė.

Providing the best for their clients in terms quality, accuracy & patient safety are very important values for Biomapas, values that they feel can be achieved with TVT. Broga added “TVT is really a tool we cannot imagine working without - It is used daily at Biomapas ”

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