We offer a robust, yet easy to use text and graphic verification software called the Text Verification Tool®. The Text Verification Tool is able to compare files within seconds.

This allows our customers to save time, increase productivity and prevent errors. 

We strive to provide high quality, user friendly text and graphic verification software that meets the needs of our customer's and the industry.


TVT X: The New Generation of Proofreading Software

TVT X represents an eXponential improvement in the way TVT is delivered. TVT X allows clients to eXtend TVT use across the packaging workflow and eXecute multiple projects faster.

Brand new to TVT X are TVT add-on modules. TVT modules are designed to complement TVT and provide a more holistic approach to your document review process. TVT Artwork, is the first module to be released. Modules such as TVT Spelling and TVT Barcode are coming soon.


Your Insurance Policy Against Errors

Our software is used by the world's leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as numerous regulatory bodies.

We can help ensure compliant, error-free and consistent documents.

We are dedicated to providing high quality text and graphic verification software that meets our customer’s requirements as well as trying to eliminate all text and graphic related errors, one deviation at a time!


How We Can Help

Increase Efficiency with TVT


Reduce the time and number of correction cycles your documents go through.


Improve Quality with TVT


Help prevent and address CAPA's (Corrective and Preventative Action).


Reduce Recalls with TVT.jpg


Avoid misprints and product recalls while decreasing your time to market.



What is the Text Verification Tool? 

The Text Verification Tool® (TVT) is a text and graphic verification solution. It streamlines the proofreading process, as it ensures that only the approved content is printed or published. 

TVT compares two files (regardless of file format and layout) and instantly highlights any differences between them. This allows you to quickly see any changes that were made between the original document and your final version, and decide whether or not they should be included before going to the next step in your workflow.


Watch How it Works: 


How Can the Text Verification Tool Help?

During the life cycle of any document, it typically goes through several iterations. Between versions many things can change.

Whether these changes are intentional or not, shouldn't you have the peace of mind to know that the right changes will be included in the final version?

TVT protects you from costly reprints and legal problems that can result from incomplete and incorrect information being printed or published. 


Who Does The Text Verification Tool Help? 


TVT is ideal for anyone who needs to review documents that go through multiple reiterations.

This includes the author of the original text, graphic designers, printers or anyone working in the proofreading process.

Our typical customers include: pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic, consumer goods, chemical and food companies. 


Some of Our Clients


Why Choose the Text Verification Tool 

  • Inspects text and images in one tool

  • Reduces proofreading workloads

  • Improves proofreading workflow

  • Reduces the number of correction cycles

  • Faster time to market

  • An average of $13,500 per year in increased productivity

  • Reliable and user friendly software

  • Large community of happy customers

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