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, the Text Verification Tool, and its modules verify text, spelling, artwork and barcodes in one software solution and generate one report.

, the Text Verification Tool, and its modules verify text, spelling, artwork and barcodes in one software solution and generate one report.

6 ways you will save with TVT in 2024

Global Leader in Proofreading Software

Schlafender Hase delivers an easy-to-use software solution to reduce the time you spend proofreading. Our solution catches even the smallest deviation early in the process, drastically improving overall document quality. Serving regulated industries including Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Chemical, and Crop Science.

Here is what else TVT can do for you:

Eliminate errors

Prevent misprints & recalls

Ensure patient safety by reducing potentially harmful or even lethal packaging and labeling errors

Eliminate the risk of human error during the proofreading process

Identify changes and deviations in any document or file format

Reduce Workload & Save Time

Increase proofreading efficiency

Quick digital verification of content across all file formats boosts team productivity

Only one person needed to proofread with TVT, allowing your team to focus on higher-value tasks

Effortlessly review and approve documentation, artwork files and regulatory submissions, reducing correction cycles

Simplify your Process

Ensure printing/publication of approved content only

Ensure worldwide compliance for documents and artwork, including a full audit trail

Easy integration into existing processes

Provide document consistency across departments without increasing resources

Why Use TVT

About Schlafender Hase

We specialize in the proofreading needs of regulated industries around the world such as the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Chemical and Crop Science industries. We understand the regulations faced by our customers and develop our software with their needs in mind, making approval processes easier.

Our Amazing Customers

labeling in the pharmaceutical industry

Certification & Compliance

Reduce time spent proofreading

Schlafender Hase is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Design and Software Development for Regulated Environments

Facilitates compliance with FDA regulations (21 CFR Part 11)

Facilitates compliance with EMA regulations (Annex 11)

TVT supports QRD, SPL and SPM submissions formats

TVT helps comply with EU 1169/2011

TVT helps comply with EC 1223/2009 

TVT helps comply with CLP (EC 1272/2008) & GHS 

TVT supports reading order verification for Section 508 (US) and the EU Accessibility Act

TVT can provide a complete audit trail

What Our Customers Are Saying

“TVT has the potential to revolutionise how we work in regulatory affairs, dramatically reducing ‘dead’ proofreading time so it can be spent on more value-adding activities. I wish I’d known about this proofreading solution years ago!”

Jillian Stewart, Regulatory Affairs Manager

“The return on investment was achieved within a few months since TVT not only dramatically reduced the high amount of manual proofreading work, but also accelerated and simplified the approval process of our packaging material.”

Peter Egvang, Senior Regulatory Intelligence Manager, Regulatory Affairs, NovoNordisk

“Errors were recognized quickly, and the number of correction cycles was significantly reduced. Errors that could have formerly led to expensive reprints were avoided.”

Michael Breiler, Director of Packaging Development, Lohmann & Rauscher

What Our Customers Are Saying

AstraZeneca increased output by 100% by automating proofreading with TVT

Expand the core TVT software solution with the add-on modules

The software solution, TVT, the Text Verification Tool, and its modules automatically verify text, spelling, artwork and barcodes.

The core TVT software solution finds changes between your original document and revisions at any stage of your workflow.

With 48 dictionaries, including Arabic, Hebrew and Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, TVT Spelling can check multilingual documents whether your team speaks the language or not.

Automatically find deviations in your artwork files that can be easily overlooked during a visual comparison with TVT Artwork.

Easily detect, decode, compare and grade digital barcodes with TVT Barcode, ensuring accuracy before you go to print.

Secure your process by building TVT into your digital workflows.

Getting Started

You will see how TVT can help reduce proofreading workloads

Discover how TVT can help you prevent errors, costly misprints & recalls.

Learn how the text verification tool can compare different files, formats and types.

See how TVT can ensure document compliance for your team!

This demonstration will show just how easy it is to implement into your team’s workflow

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