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, the Text Verification Tool, and its modules verify text, spelling, artwork and barcodes. If needed, they can be integrated directly into your digital workflows. One software can do it all, generating a single, combined audit trail.

Everyone benefits from automated proofreading help.

The core TVT software inspects all files in any format or layout. Combined with some or all of the modules, it is the preferred verification and proofreading software solution used by 95% of the top pharma companies.
TVT Solution

Choose your ideal solution! Explore the TVT suite to find the ones you need to ensure compliance

Start with our core product

TVT®, the Text Verification Tool®

Your personalized solution begins with our core product. TVT, which inspects files with different layouts and in different formats to catch any potential errors early in the process. TVT does this by matching and comparing text character by character.

Next, choose from the add-on modules below:

TVT Spelling

Spell check multilingual documents whether your team speaks the language or not. With 48 dictionaries, including Arabic, Hebrew and Thai, TVT Spelling can check multiple files with different formats and layouts in the same review session.

TVT Solution - Spelling

TVT Artwork

Automatically find deviations in your artwork files that can be easily overlooked during a visual comparison.

TVT Barcode

Easily detect, decode, compare and grade digital barcodes with TVT Barcode, ensuring accuracy before you go to print.

tvt barcode
tvt software integration

TVT Integration

Secure your process by building TVT into your digital workflows.

10 Reasons Top Pharma Companies Automate Proofreading with TVT

We Understand What You Need To Stay Compliant


Schlafender Hase is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Design and Software Development for Regulated Industries.


TVT facilitates compliance with FDA regulations (21 CFR Part 11)
TVT facilitates compliance with EMA regulations (Annex 11)
TVT supports QRD, SPL and SPM submissions formats

Validation Support

TVT can be validated with our Validation Package at your site to meet compliance requirements for regulated environments such as Pharma and Medical Device


A variety of training options, including e-Learning and multilingual in-person or remote meetings with a trainer, to suit your organization’s needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"The streamlined proofreading capability of TVT enhances the data quality output provided by Reed Tech. "Finding a company within the Pharma industry that understands industry standards and the complexity of file conversions helps us fulfill customer needs and meet expectations,"

John Lorenc, Senior Product Manager at Reed Tech.
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“It was such a relief to have TVT as part of our process. Not only was the tool easy to use, it allowed us to become more efficient and scale up our output significantly.”

Dr. Anna Derr, Senior Project Manager/Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel

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“With simplified proofreading processes involving fewer steps, we know that our resources are being used more efficiently. The important time savings expected of TVT have been realized, and all other criteria for choosing the software have been met.”

Hinda Benkirane, Manager of Regulatory Affairs team/Pharma 5

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