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June 19, 2023

The Schlafender Hase Team

Freyr Solutions Case Study- Achieving Ambitious Growth Targets with TVT

After implementing TVT, Freyr Solutions found the document authentication it sought, and saved time. This has been important to its continued growth trajectory.

Founded over a decade ago, Freyr Solutions has grown rapidly to become an industry leader in regulatory-focused solutions and services for the life sciences industry. These range from market access and regulatory intelligence through to regulatory labeling and artwork, submissions, and a wide variety of related services. Its clients are small-, medium-sized and large companies in industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, cosmetics, food and food supplements, and chemicals.

In the six months prior to March 2023, the workforce of Freyr Solutions grew by over 30%. Given its expertise and performance, few would doubt that it can reach its stated target to become a “regulatory powerhouse with 15k professionals” by 2030. The company’s growth has been an outcome not only of attracting the most highly skilled professionals. It has been promoted by highly efficient processes and the intelligent use of technologies.

Facing the challenge of proofreading in a high-growth environment

“Among our many services, we provide a global centre of medical device expertise,” explains Mr. Pratap Gouda. “Prior to 2018, all proofreading was performed manually. But we found this to be time-consuming. Nor did it make best use of technologies and resources. We were aware of software tools to automate proofreading and document verification, and we saw this as a way to speed up turnarounds and increase process efficiency. In particular, we wanted a proofreading solution that could provide the document authentication we required. The solution also had to be able to verify artwork and barcodes, and be suitable for the global nature of our projects,” Mr. Gouda added.

Meeting the challenge

Freyr approached Debug Services, an India-based technology solutions provider and distributor in India of TVT from Schlafender Hase. Initially, Freyr Solutions purchased one license for TVT, and this was implemented immediately in Medical Devices Regulatory Services. “Although based in India, the team at Freyr works on global projects for clients worldwide, and we knew TVT would be the best fit for their global focus,” explains Darshan Divecha, CEO, Debug Services.

“We saw results immediately, and month by month we added new licenses, largely because of the time it saved us – TVT allowed us to proofread documents in about one third of the time it had taken with manual proofreading. We could recognize straight away any errors in a document, make the necessary corrections, and print out a final report. The report function, and the transparency TVT brought to our proofreading workflow gave us the document authentication we wanted.”

The Medical Devices Regulatory Services team was also impressed by the speed in which TVT could load large files. “Documents load quickly, which means more time-savings, and the interface is intuitive to learn and use.”

Within 12 months, the team in Medical Devices Regulatory Services had integrated 10 licenses for TVT into its workflow, and in the meantime, the number has increased to 16. Furthermore, the team has 13 licenses for TVT Barcode, the add-on module that detects, compares, decodes, and grades digital barcodes.

Because TVT can verify documents in any language – including right to left languages, or Asian languages– it was the perfect fit for global projects.

“We’re extremely satisfied with the solution from Schlafender Hase”, Mr. Gouda adds. “We now have the automated authentication we looked for, and we’ve increased our productivity and efficiency not just incrementally, but at a very significant level. TVT helps position us in our ambitious growth targets for the future.”

About Freyr Solutions

Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, Freyr Solutions is a global provider of regulatory-focused solutions and services to companies in the life sciences industry. It has over 20 global locations and more than 1800 in-house regulatory experts, as well as over 950 in-country regulatory-expert affiliates in more than 120 countries to serve clients in national and international regulatory environments. It is recognized as one of the largest global providers of end-to-end regulatory services for the life sciences industry and is certified ISO 9001 for strong process and quality management, and ISO 27001 for information security management and state of the art infrastructure.

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