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What's new in TVT 11.1

Electronic labeling is happening – are you ready?


Electronic labeling, or e-labeling initiatives are being put in place across all regions. These initiatives are designed to provide up-to-date, and accessible information support across all digital mediums.

The future of electronic labeling presents many benefits such as information consistency, the ability to apply real-time updates, cost savings, environmental sustainability, enhanced readability, and overall increased efficiency for everyone involved from content creation to publication.  

To support these initiatives, TVT 11.1 includes several features which will be key in facilitating your electronic labeling journey such as:

HTML file loading: Instantly run a comparison between the original approved file and the HTML version.

Direct URL loading: Simply copy/paste the URL of the HTML version into TVT and compare the content on this page to the original approved copy.

Structured content support in the form of .xml files: Effortlessly compare .xml content.

1D and 2D Barcode hyperlink support: Open hyperlinks embedded in barcodes directly from within TVT to check the link is working and correct.

TVT 11.1 comes with all TVT 11 features, as well as:

QR code grading: Grading now added when inspecting QR codes. Pass/fail grading provides 100% verification – you instantly know whether it is readable or not.

Stedman's Plus Version 2023: Ensure correct spelling of nearly 500,000 medical, pharmaceutical and bioscience terms directly in TVT.

Webinar: How Are You Preparing for Electronic Labeling?

Original Broadcast Date: June 27th, 2023
Length: 30 minutes