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Electronic Labeling is Here, How Are You Preparing?

There are many initiatives in place or being put into place across all regions to support electronic labeling and consistency across relevant digital material.

These initiatives are designed to: 

  • Support increasing digitization and digital transformation in pharma and medtech;
  • Provide easier access to product information for both patients and healthcare professionals;
  • Ensure information is always accurate and up to date;
  • Support increasing efforts towards sustainability.

Watch the webinar below to see how the latest release of TVT includes several features which will be key in facilitating the transfer from paper-based content to electronic content.

Learning Objectives
  • How the electronic labeling initiative will impact the labeling and artwork processes for anyone responsible for content accuracy
  • The benefits of electronic labeling for your organization
  • How the newest version of TVT will allow you to guarantee your product information is consistent across all mediums regardless of the file format or layout
Who Should Watch
  • Regulatory Affairs Med Dev
  • Regulatory Affairs Pharma
  • Medical/Technical Writers
  • Reg. Ops
  • Labeling
  • Quality Management 
  • Marketing
  • Artwork Managers
  • AdPromo


Mike Baird
Director of Product Management

Mike is the Director of Product Management for Schlafender Hase. He is committed to continuously improving the existing software portfolio and at the same time also delivering new and innovative solutions to exceed customer needs. He has more than 25 years of experience working with global packaging, labelling, pre-media and artwork management leaders in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.


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