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November 10, 2022

The Schlafender Hase Team

11 Ways Proofreading Is Easier with TVT 11

“Repetition legitimizes”, they say – but it doesn’t when you are proofreading document versions of labeling and packaging in, say, the life sciences industry. In this case, constantly re-reading versions manually can lead to you overlooking an error. The result: a reprint, the risk of recall, perhaps even litigation.

Using a proofreading software like TVT®, takes the stress out of proofreading by automating tasks. It compares an approved original document with a copy (e.g. a master Word document with a PDF artwork file in layout) and highlights errors and deviations in text, images or barcodes in an instant. Even the smallest deviations are immediately visible, with annotation and report functions documenting proofreading steps along the way, adding transparency and certainty.

With the release of TVT 11, professional proofreaders can now verify text, images and barcodes even faster and with even less stress. Here are our “TVT 11” reasons why:

  1. Intelligent annotation 
  2. Handle documents of any size 
  3. Compare different document formats
  4. Saves time through automation 
  5. Checks labeling compliance 
  6. Captures every deviation
  7. Superior image matching
  8. Proofread Braille and complex languages 
  9. Works with non-native languages
  10. Spellcheck over 35 languages 
  11. Spellcheck across different formats 


  1. Intelligent annotation

Have your changes been correctly included? TVT 11 directly compares annotations in a previous version with text in the updated version to find out. For example, if “medication” has been marked for replacement by “medicine”, TVT can recognize whether the correction has been applied, misapplied, or not applied in the revised document version. Ask us and we can also give you some tips on annotation best practices.

  1. TVT 11 is even more powerful

Documents are becoming ever-larger and more complex, often due to the inclusion of more illustrations, images, graphs and diagrams. TVT 11 can handle documents of any size quickly and easily. You will appreciate this especially when you are working with large artwork canvasses.

  1. TVT compares across file formats

This is important because invariably the approved original document is not in the same format as the final version for print. TVT 11 is your expert when it comes to comparing across formats quickly. QRD template to the carton? No problem. An Excel table to the PDF artwork file? TVT 11 does it all in real time.

  1. TVT 11 saves time through automation

Automated proofreading saves time in many different ways. First, document comparisons can be performed in an instant. Second, when proofreading manually, any change requires that you to re-read the entire document to see whether any new errors have been introduced. With TVT 11, you will see these immediately. Furthermore, TVT automatically detects and matches images, highlighting any deviations. TVT 11 can also identify identical images that repeat throughout a document, which saves time as you don’t need to manually click them away. Other examples are automated colour detection, automated re-sizing of images for a more accurate comparison, and an automated style check. With TVT Barcode, detection, decoding and grading is performed automatically.

  1. Perform labeling compliance checks automatically with TVT

Compliance is everything in the life sciences industry, and that includes readability requirements. TVT can automatically inspect a document and tell you whether the style conforms with specific regulations, such as minimum font size. An automated style check gives you four different options to verify style attributes (e.g. font weight), including adaptive checks that take into account the type of deviation and how often it occurs.

  1. Capture every deviation

TVT 11 catches even the smallest deviations. After you run a comparison, deviations between versions are highlighted, regardless of whether you are working with text, images or barcode symbology.

  1. Working with complex imagery?

TVT 11 has the superior image matching technology to automatically map all your colour and grayscale image pairs in an instant. Image auto-sizing allows you to compare and process images with high efficiency and accuracy, and a PDF overprint preview functionality simulates on-screen how overprinting looks in final printed results.

  1. TVT 11 allows you to proofread complex languages and Braille

Regardless of whether the language is written from left to right or right to left, or the characters are Cyrillic, Latin, Hebraic, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese or even in Braille, TVT 11 can inspect the document without further ado.

  1. Working with non-native languages?

TVT 11 can’t make you fluent in a non-native language, but it can simplify your workflow in languages you don’t know. For example, after running a comparison, forward the PDF printout and report to an affiliate. The proofreader in the affiliate can correct and return the document with annotations and a report of all actions. This creates workflow accountability and transparency, and it’s fast.

  1. TVT 11 checks spelling in over 35 dictionaries

After TVT 11 has compared your documents, use the TVT Spelling add-on module to check spelling in multiple dictionaries for more than 35 languages. You can expand, store and share a custom dictionary (e.g. with brand names and in-house terms) or use the optional Stedman’s Medical Dictionary®.

  1. TVT 11 can spellcheck across different formats at the same time

This feature of TVT 11 brings together two strengths to make proofreading faster. Not only can you spellcheck in a wide variety of languages, but you won’t need to worry about format, or possible errors due to converting a format.

Would you like to find out more about how TVT 11 makes proofreading easier? Contact us.

Do you want to find out more about how your proofreading life can be easier? Get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it.

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