TVT Text Verification Tool®

TVT Text Verification Tool, the Text Verification Tool® verifies text, spelling, barcodes and artwork in one software tool and generates one report.

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Prevent misprints and recalls

Inspect files with different layouts and file formats (e.g. Word, PDF, XML, XLS, AI) and catch deviations early in the process. All actions and review performed by users are documented in a report. This provides a fully compliant audit trail.

By having TVT we have been able to consolidate ourselves as a global company in the management of pharmaceutical artworks. We now have, no language barriers in the control of artworks in other languages, such as right-to-left reading or Cyrillic writing. In a Latin writing culture like ours, it was very difficult to control without TVT.
— Jordi Encinas, CEO, Thinkinpress
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Reduce the time you spend proofreading

Inspect text, tables, multilingual documents (including Braille and right-to-left languages), images and full-page artwork in one tool. More products to market in less time, with greater accuracy.

Our original review process was long and involved at least 2 people. Since implementing TVT our team saves 1 to 2 days per piece and only requires 1 person. It was exactly what we needed to improve our overall document quality and team productivity.
— Lina Grubliauskaitė Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Biomapas
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Ensure only approved content is printed or published

Easily integrated into any existing workflow, TVT is user-friendly and reliable, allowing you to scale up your output without increasing proofreading resources.

The deployment of TVT has really helped speed up our artwork review process. Catching deviations early in the process reduces the number of correction rounds needed. This makes the whole process faster and smoother. TVT is easy to use, and the customer support from Schlafender Hase is awesome!
— Päivikki Palm, Packaging Technology Manager, Orion
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TVT Facts

  • Proven to save customers an average of 2-3 hours per inspection

  • Complies with FDA and EMA by supporting SPL and QRD templates

  • Schlafender Hase is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Design and Development of Software for Regulated Environments


TVT Add-On Modules



No company is configured equal, so we offer different licensing options. All options are quick to install and easy to update.


Our software is fully validated to meet the requirements in regulated industries.

Upon request, we are available for on-site or remote validation support.




Our Commitment to Quality


Certification and Compliance

  • Schlafender Hase is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Design and Software Development for Regulated Environments

  • TVT complies with FDA regulations (21 CFR Part 11)

  • TVT complies with EMA regulations (Annex 11)

  • TVT supports QRD and SPL submissions

Our Software Development Process

Our developers work with the Scrum framework and Microsoft Azure DevOps Server.

Our development process includes specification of functions and their stepwise implementation. Rigorous testing with full traceability takes place at each step. Thanks to our strict quality process, users can expect any new releases to be virtually problem free.


Best Practice Guidance and SOP Creation

Our software training classes are based on industry best practices and years of customer feedback.

Our experts can provide best practice guidance on how to integrate TVT into your larger workflow. We can also assist in developing SOPs that follow the best practices in your industry: this includes working closely with your supply chain to ensure the proper creation and use of your files.


Validation Package

TVT can be validated with our Validation Package at your site to meet requirements in regulated environments such as Pharma, Medical Device, Chemical, Cosmetic and Food industries.

The Validation Package is based on GAMP 5, using the risk-based approach over the life cycle to become GxP compliant. A complete documentation package incorporates a validation plan, requirements, risk assessment and control installation (IQ), test cases and protocols (combined OQ/PQ). A validation report is available and can be used for qualification/validation by our customers.

Validation Certificate

TVTaaS is fully validated on our servers. A validation certificate for compliance is available.

Validation Support

Upon request, our team is available for on-site or remote validation support.