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October 29, 2019

The Schlafender Hase Team

TVT Spelling: Added Insurance against Avoidable and Costly Spelling Errors

Frankfurt, GERMANY (October 29, 2019) – Schlafender Hase®, the leader in smart proofreading software for sensitive, high-volume packaging and labelling requirements, is now offering new functionality to ensure against avoidable and costly spelling errors: TVT Spelling. TVT Spelling is an add-on module that is fully integrated into the company’s flagship automated proofreading software, TVT®, the Text Verification Tool®.

“In an ideal world, there would be no mistakes in originally approved manuscripts, but the proofreader’s world is not ideal. Spelling errors are all too common and too costly – even in originally approved manuscripts,” said Frank Hessler, the company’s Managing Director. “TVT Spelling will help our users catch errors often overlooked in originally approved manuscripts and eliminate errors that can occur as the manuscript progresses through the proofreading process.”

In most cases, original manuscripts are created in a file type that includes a spell checker, such as, for example, in MS Word. But during the workflow, different file formats are used that do not include a spell check function. TVT Spelling can check spelling in any supported file format and be used at any phase in the proofreading process. It can also be used by different partners in the process.

Mr. Hessler added: “Fully integrated into TVT, the TVT Spelling module will be especially useful when checking finally approved artworks before they are entered into the printer’s proof. Errors in the printer’s proof can lead to an extremely costly reprint.” Finally approved artworks are usually in a file format like PDF, which includes only a limited spell check function. Hessler also pointed out that TVT Spelling is a perfect complement to TVT Artwork, which is capable of comparing full-page artworks.

TVT Spelling includes multiple dictionaries supporting all major EU languages. For users in life sciences, the new add-on module can also be used with Stedman’s® Medical Dictionary to support the spell-checking of medical terms. TVT Spelling comes standard with a custom dictionary function that makes it possible to check user specific brand names and product names. The custom dictionary can be expanded as needed, easily stored and easily shared. With TVT and TVT Spelling, the user can run both checks using one tool and generate one comprehensive, easy-to-read report. This helps ensure both compliance and an optimized workflow.

TVT Spelling is the second add-on module that Schlafender Hase has introduced, following TVT Artwork. A third module that will verify barcode content, TVT Barcode, will be introduced in 2020.

For more information about TVT Spelling functionality or to request a free trial version, please contact:

To read our Press Release online, go here: Schlafender Hase introduces TVT Spelling: Added Insurance against Avoidable and Costly Spelling Errors

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