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October 2, 2018

The Schlafender Hase Team

TVT X – A New Generation of Smart Proofreading & Image Comparison Software

Frankfurt, Germany, October 2nd, 2018 – Schlafender Hase, the leader in smart proofreading software for sensitive, high-volume packaging & labelling requirements, has announced TVT X™ – a major new release of its flagship automated proofreading software: the Text Verification Tool® (TVT). It extends reliable, high-speed, detailed checks and reporting from initial document creation to print-ready graphics.

Schlafender Hase has developed TVT X in direct response to customer demand. It offers existing customers of TVT in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Consumer Goods industries an even greater return on their investment, by extending the software’s application use across the document preparation lifecycle. With its image comparison module, TVT X is expected to appeal to other less regulated industries – such as Chemical and Cosmetics companies. TVT X now supports Excel files, which will further widen its adoption.

“TVT X represents an exponential improvement in the way TVT is delivered,” says Frank Hessler, the company’s Managing Director. “It’s something the market has been asking for. Companies don’t want to use multiple tools for different parts of the proofreading process: they want one toolset, one report and the ability to choose the functionality they need. That’s what TVT X offers.”

Automatic Image Detection of Errors (AIDE) is TVT’s first add-on module. This comprehensive image comparison tool was designed to complement TVT, as it was created for design-stage and print-ready proofs of packaging and labelling materials in electronic form. It compares artworks pixel by pixel, quickly pinpointing any deviation from the approved master. Its use is ideal for graphic designers and reviewers of packaging and labelling artwork. Modules for Spellcheck, Barcode and other specialist requirements will soon be made available too.

“We expect TVT X to appeal to any company with intense design requirements further down the packaging workflow chain, including those that are ill-served by their current situation,” says Peter Muller, Schlafender Hase’s Global Sales & Marketing Director. “We’re already seeing keen interest from the FMCG sector, where brand reputation depends on accurate, high-quality packaging. We’re well known for our German-made quality and software that is hundreds of times more accurate than proofreading manually, and now a much broader market stands to benefit.”

Inquiries about TVT X or Existing TVT customers can contact Schlafender Hase by emailing

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Schlafender Hase® is the leader in intelligent, automated proofreading solutions for the global life sciences industry for over 15 years. Committed to product innovation, service excellence and customer success, Schlafender Hase’s client base includes all of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies and more than half of the top global medical device companies. These organisations rely on Schlafender Hase’s text and graphic verification software to ensure compliant, error-free and consistent packaging. Founded in 2001 the company is headquartered in Frankfurt, and has offices and partners around the world. More at

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