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What You Need to Know About the EU MDR. Are You Ready?

The EU MDR date of application is May 26, 2020, but are you ready for the changes? This user-centered legislation focuses on safety, quality and traceability, and has been a burning topic in the medical device industry since it greatly impacts the already complex labeling process for medical device manufacturers.

Watch this webinar to learn how the EU MDR will impact the medical device labeling process and how you can best prepare.

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Original Broadcast Date: November 19th, 2019
Length: 43 minutes

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Marketa Nabiany

About Markéta Nabiany

Markéta Nabiany is a consultant and project manager in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in the area of product labelling and packaging. Markéta has spent the past 10 years managing a variety of global labelling projects within regulatory, quality, marketing, product development and supply chain. Markéta has supported organizations in creation and update of labelling-related processes on a global scale and contributed with her expertise to product usability during product development. Markéta’s special interests include instructions for use, patient and user documentation, as well as promotional labelling.

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