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Webinar: Make Sure Your Barcode Makes the Grade

In this webinar you will learn how TVT Barcode identifies barcode errors before they are printed and automatically detects, decodes, compares and grades barcodes used by highly regulated industries like Life Science.

Key learning objectives:

How to improve the quality of your barcodes

Easy ways to avoid misprints and recalls due to incorrect barcodes.

Tips to save time and money by checking the accuracy of barcodes at the beginning of your document review process.

Steps to obtain real world grading criteria for over 30 barcode types, including country specific Life Science codes.

If you would like to watch the webinar, please log into TVT e-learning here.

This recording as well as many other helpful videos can be found under BONUS Materials.

Who needs TVT Barcode?

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Regulatory operations

  • Graphics

  • Premedia/artwork

  • Marketing

  • Packaging, quality control

  • Printers



Yuliana Wong
Head of Support and Training

Mike Baird
Director Product Management

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