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How to Transition to E-Labelling – Practical Next Steps

How to transition to E-Labelling

E-labelling provides patients and healthcare professionals with up-to-date product and safety information. Schlafender Hase’s Dr. Jutta M. Hohenhörst discusses the benefits of e-labelling for the medical device sector and provides some practical tips for getting ahead with processes, procedures and solutions that deliver efficiencies across today’s labelling landscape, and add value for patients.

How to Reduce Drug Labeling Errors in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Labeling errors in pharma

FDA (US), EMA (EU), ANSM (France), CFDA (China), BfArM (Germany) – just to name a few of the national and international bodies that regulate the pharmaceutical industry. They share a common purpose: to ensure the patient safety and efficacy of medicines. And for this, they have regulatory procedures.