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Webcast: e-PIL legislation will have a positive impact on patient safety and sustainability

Providing patients and Health Care Practitioners with electronically delivered e-Labeling is becoming increasingly important. Several Regulatory Authorities now permit and encourage online e-PIL content, with other regions following suit.


Original Broadcast Date: February 23, 2022

Duration: 57 min

Ensuring content is delivered accurately in print and online formats, will be vital to ensuring patient safety, especially during the complex transition phase from printed-paper to electronic patient information.

With accessibility high on the agenda, the evolution of e-PILs will rapidly progress from flat pdf facsimiles of the printed insert leaflet, into interactive audio-visual presentations of information and therefore should be planned for within any e-PIL strategic initiatives.

The ultimate benefit to both patient and planet is easily demonstrated, however the changes and impacts across life sciences’ businesses will undoubtedly be challenging.

Key Learning Points:

Upon the conclusion of the program you will be able to: 

  • Understand the latest country Regulations & Guidance initiatives

  • Identify the impact on your current Labeling and Artwork processes

  • Begin implementing actionable strategies for:  1) Accurate content – The foundation of Consistent & Compliant e-Labeling  2) Right-first-time Transformation & File distribution

  • Identify impacts on Patient Safety & Sustainability

  • Recognize future benefits of an e-Pil strategy for your organization

Peter Muller

Peter Muller
Sales Director North America, Schlafender Hase Inc.

For the last 25 years, Peter Muller has worked on software and process improvement projects relating to proofreading with Fortune 500 companies from various industries, including pharmaceutical, medical device, chemical, cosmetics and consumer goods. He has a wealth of experience working with international clients to define their organizational goals and help them leverage new technologies to achieve productivity gains, process improvements and cost savings.


Ashley Goldie
Aultra, Ltd.

Ashley Goldie is an experienced, detail-oriented professional and motivational leader, adept at working across the labeling and packaging creation process within the life sciences sector. He is practiced in improving operational performance and leading enterprise labeling technology companies. Goldie is knowledgeable in trend research, printed packaging, online content and directing activities to achieve extraordinary results.


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