Text Verification Tool e-Learning 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited, 24 hour access
  • Flexible learning: Switch between tablet, computer or mobile phone
  • Interactive training videos: Includes tips & tricks as well as relevant quizzes, leading to TVT Certification
  • Reliable reference: Watch the lessons in order, or go to a specific topic
  • Reduced resources: Only pay for the users that need training
  • Ensure GMP compliance: New hires or team members can start training at any time

The TVT e-Learning courses are designed as a future oriented solution, where training and professional development is an on-going achievement. 

Courses have been created to replicate the typical document review process, thus providing the most realistic, hands-on experience. 

The flexible nature of e-learning, coupled with a user-friendly platform that is widely used by many major universities, allows our users to get the training they need when it matters most.

User Driven Learning

TVT e-Learning

According to our 2014 and 2016 TVT customer surveys, users who have completed our training, report feeling more confident with the tool, can complete inspections quicker and are even able to better identify and correct workflow issues within their company. 

With a subscription to the TVT e-Learning portal, users get:

  • Unlimited access for 1 year to review and refresh on TVT
  • Freedom to learn when it is convenient for the trainee
  • Flexibility to connect with a tablet, mobile phone or computer
  • Assigned TVT Trainer: Provides a blended training environment
  • Downloadable TVT certificate upon course completion