Simplify Your Workflow

The Text Verification Tool (TVT) is a robust, yet easy to use text and graphic verification software.

TVT compares your artwork file to the original manuscript and clearly marks any deviations, helping you improve quality, save time and avoid recalls. Both images and text can be compared in a single solution, which drastically reduces the time spent on proofreading. 

Audit and correction request reports can be created to guarantee all deviations are recorded, while ensuring regulatory compliance. 


Powerful alone. Better Together

TVT Modules


TVT is modular by design, giving customers the option of licensing the specific functionality needed by target users. This keeps costs manageable while giving each user access to an expanded combination of features.

License only the modules you need, per user, to get the job done faster.


TVT Artwork


TVT Artwork is an image comparison tool designed to complement TVT.

Features unique to TVT Artwork:

  • PDF layer selection

  • Full image preview

  • PDF spot color selection

  • Automatic difference detection

  • Manual image error marker

This add-on module was created for design-stage and print-ready proofs of packaging and labeling materials in electronic form. It compares artworks pixel by pixel, quickly pinpointing any deviation from the approved master.

Compatible with TVT X, the newest version of TVT,
TVT Artwork is ideal for graphic designers and reviewers
of packaging and labeling artwork.


The proofreading solution for all your document needs:

  • Missing or added text
  • Any document
  • Multiple files
  • Text order
  • Tables
  • Text and image comparision
  • Any language (including Braille)
  • Style (Font type, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline etc.)
  • Legal contracts
  • Package inserts
  • Packages/cartons
  • Product monographs
  • Submission documents
  • Product labelling
  • Instructions for use
  • Manuals



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does TVT find text differences?
TVT works by comparing Unicode values. Each letter that you type on a computer has a unique Unicode value. If the Unicode value doesn't match when comparing two documents, TVT will mark this as a deviation.

Question: What is Unicode?
Unicode ("Universal Code") is an international encoding standard that assigns each letter, number or symbol with a unique alphanumeric value.  Read our blog post about it here.

Question: My company has to follow specific branding guidelines such as font type and size. Can TVT help with this?
Absolutely. TVT has the ability to check for all types of formatting (font style, underline, bold etc.) and can even be customized to follow your company's branding guidelines.  

Question: Which languages does TVT Support?
TVT supports and can compare any language in the world, even Braille. 

Question: What type of documents can I compare with TVT?
There are really no limits to what you can compare with TVT. Some typical examples include: packaging (leaflets, cartons, labels), instructions for use, marketing, legal and financial documents. 

Question: Do you provide support on TVT?
Yes we do. We provide global support in many different languages such as English, French, German and Spanish. 24/7 support is also available. Read More...

Question: Microsoft Word and  Adobe can compare files; How is TVT different?  
TVT compares different documents (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, XML, xHTML) regardless of the layout or format of documents (ie: Word to PDF, PDF to XML, PDF to PDF etc.. Microsoft Word or Adobe can only compare like file formats (ie: Word to Word or PDF to PDF). 

Question: Does TVT convert files when it compares them?
No, TVT does not convert files for comparison purposes since this would violate the integrity of the files and call into question the results of the comparison.  You have likely experienced this before: you open a Word document and “print to PDF” … and then noticed the formatting of the document (fonts,characters etc.) has changed. TVT is designed to specifically avoid these file conversion issues. 

Question: Is TVT validated? 
Absolutely! We ensure that every version of TVT is validated, and offer a validation package for customers to validate in their own environment. Read More... 

Question: Does TVT provide an audit trail? 
Yes, TVT does provide a full audit trail through our reports. These reports are customizable to comply with your company's internal requirements. 

Question: Why do you have a rabbit as your logo? 
Our logo is actually a hare, since Schlafender Hase in German means "Sleeping Hare". It was a code name that the owners used when they started the company. Clients loved the name, so they decided to keep it! Read More...