Why We Love Working at Schlafender Hase

Today is Employee Appreciation day, but at Schlafender Hase we don’t need one day to remind us that we are part of a great team and that we are appreciated. Instead we would like to share why we appreciate the company that we work for.

Here is a compilation of why the employees love to work at Schlafender Hase:

  • We are such diversified team. We have so many different cultures and co-operate as a team

  • We get to celebrate Christmas in different cities every year like Manchester, Copenhagen, and Barcelona. We’ve made so many great memories!

  • Everyone on the team has an amazing way of coping with the daily work challenges

  • The diversity of my job keeps everyday different and challenging

  • The flat hierarchy within the company

  • The working atmosphere is relaxed, even though we are always very busy

  • We are more like a family. Everyone truly cares about each other

  • Management is always willing to listen and consider any ideas and suggestions

  • I know that I am trusted and respected

  • Our customers are from all over the world. Some need simple solutions, while others require complex solutions that may take years to develop. I value the relationship we build with each of the customers

  • All employees get to fly business class for intercontinental flights, not only the directors

  • From a sales person perspective, the product works so we can’t oversell and under deliver…We never have to deal with unhappy customers

  • Management encourages open communication

  • Our user comes first. If there is an issue we always aim to support the users first and foremost

Thanks Schlafender Hase for providing your team with an engaging, motivating and always interesting place to work. We appreciate you! 

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