Top 10 Biggest Drug and Biotech Companies of 2016

Here is a list of top 10 largest Drug & Biotech companies of 2016. The following companies were measured equally on revenue, profits, assets and market value.

1.Johnson & Johnson: With household names such as Band-Aid and Tylenol, it is hard to compete with Johnson & Johnson’s line-up of household supplies & drugs.
Headquarters = USA

2.Pfizer: Acquiring the generic company Hospira in September of 2016 has helped Pfizer secure the #2 spot in this years line-up.
Headquarters = USA

3.Novartis: Setting themselves up at the fore front of oncology research by creating a separate Novatis Oncology department was definitely a big move in 2016.
Headquarters = Switzerland

4.Roche: We are sure to keep hearing about Roche, as the FDA approved the first treatment for people with previously treated bladder cancer in May of 2016.
Headquarters = Switzerland

5.Sanofi: Watch out for this giant in 2017 as there is talk that Sanofi has been part of the negotiations for Actelion.
Headquarters = France

6.Merck: Another win for cancer treatment as the FDA approved Merck’s newest lung cancer treatment, all the while beating competitor Bristol-Meyers Squibb to the research finish line.
Headquarters = USA

7.Bayer: Definitely giving Bayer a big boost this year was the $66 billion merger with Monsanto that happened in September 2016.
Headquarters = Germany

8.GlaxoSmithKline: With an experimental new HIV drug that is said to be very effective without the risk of toxic side effects, GSK might be paving it’s way for a long standing future on this list.
Headquarters = United Kingdom

9.Gilead: In 2016 Gilead entered into a 5 year, 20 million dollar project with the WHO to increase access for treatment of Visceral Leishmaniosis, a deadly parasitic disease that claims the lives of up to 300,000 in resource-limited countries.
Headquarters = USA

10.Amgen: Making a splash in 2016 was Amgen’s successful clinical trials of Repatha, a drug to lower high cholesterol. This is sure to be a breakthrough.
Headquarters = USA

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