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As the leading provider of electronic proofreading, it goes without saying that our tool can check for differences in writing, reading order changes, list style difference, compares tables without a hitch and has an easy to understand PDF report, but what do our users think? 

The following list includes the top 6 features that received rave reviews in our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey, have been shared with us in customer testimonials or at events where we get to meet our customers in person and hear about their real life experiences using the Text Verification Tool.

1)      User Friendliness: In our recent 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey, ‘’User Interface’’ was rated as our customer’s favorite feature. We are very proud of this, since it has always been important that TVT be easy to use. Specific features such as document Drag & Drop and Automatic Exclusion Areas allow for less document set-up and shorter overall inspection time. 

’TVT brings a significant acceleration and simplification of the artwork validation and correction process. By reducing the correction cycles, MERIAL has gained a faster time-to-market.’’

Hélène Cerutti
Manager Regulatory Packaging
Merial, France


2)      Multi Languages: We all know or have heard of someone who speaks 5 languages fluently, but even for these gifted people, proofreading documents is still a challenge. The beauty of TVT is that it compares Unicode values, so regardless of the language, TVT will easily pick up any deviations and highlight them for the user.   

“TVT is particularly useful when comparing labelling content across the many European languages. We appreciate having this functionality’’

Francisco Fernandez Peñaranda
Head of Section, Parallel Distribution and Certificates
European Medicines Agency, United Kingdom


3)      Text & Image Compare in One: For companies that need to compare documents such as microsites, PowerPoint presentations, instructions for use and brochures TVT’s ability to inspect both text and images at the same time has proven to be invaluable. Significantly improved upon in our last release, TVT 8.0, TVT can easily compare live to non-live text, allows for high-level zoom up to 3200% and offers a variety of image analysis tools to suit each situation.

“The overall performance of TVT 8 has definitely improved. The picture comparison works very well. ”

Lukas Beinecke
Label/Leaflet Design
B.Braun Melsungen AG


4)      Data Integrity: Both the FDA and EMA have issued guidance reports on data integrity for CGMP in the Pharmaceutical industry.  It is very important that documents are checked in their native format: pdf, txt, rtf, docx, xHTML, XML. Every conversion into a different format bears the risks of mal-conversion. With TVT you can be assured that only native documents are compared, and no conversions are happening in the background. 


5)      Flexibility: With 3 type of licensing models, we don’t believe in ‘’one size fits all’’. You can have TVT locally installed on your machine, on your companies’ server, or with our most popular option: TVTaaS. With the flexibility of a cloud service (connect anytime, anywhere), without any instability or long lag time and an attractive pricing model. TVTaaS has allowed more teams to streamline their document review process across the globe.

“TVT is used throughout the global Regulatory department at Gilead. It allows our users to be able to use a standard tool to compare documents quickly and effortlessly.”

Wendy Diederich
Senior Regulatory Operations Associate
Gilead Science Inc.


6)      Post Sale Support:  The Schlafender Hase team is like a big family, and we like to treat our customers the same way. In our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey, 65% of customers who needed to contact our support team received a solution to their question the same day, while 100% would recommend our support team to a peer or colleague! Thanks customers!  

‘’Schlafender Hase is very responsive and working with them feels like a true partnership. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product and company to anyone."

Ross Copp
Manager, Product Packaging
Janssen, Canada


If you are interested in reading a longer list of TVT’s features & functionalities, we welcome you to download our TVT at A Glance brochure, or contact us for any specific questions you may have.


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