Text Comparison - Seriously?

A lot of people need to compare text content between files, sometimes in different formats like Word/PDF and different layouts like manuscript/artwork. This is a little like the game ‘’spot the difference’’ we all played as kids where you have to find differences in two images…but with an evil twist (especially in the Pharmaceutical industry):

1) You don’t know ahead of time if there are 7, 6 or 0 differences

2) If you find them all you win nothing...and probably have to do another document

3) If you miss one this can potentially harm a patient/customer and could cost your company millions

4) If you find a mistake, great, you must play again and proofread the new (supposedly corrected?) version

5) You’ll likely have to review the same document 3-4 times, sometimes even more

6) You aren't comparing small colorful images, but complex multi-page documents

7) The text is usually in different layouts

8) The font is often different

9) You can easily spend 40 minutes on each comparison

10) The text is frequently written with 9 points font size or smaller

11) It is not fun…but on the up side, you get paid for it

12) Oh, and some people cheat and do it in 2 minutes with a 100% accuracy: they use the Text Verification Tool (TVT)

Find the differences.png

How many differences did you find?

If you want help playing the real life ''spot the difference'' game, why not try TVT:


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