Proofreading is Not Only About Getting the Text Right

In Pharma, all labeling material (leaflets, labels, cartons…) must be proofread, and usually this is done many, many times.

What do Pharmaceutical companies do?

They sell drugs to treat patients.

Why do they provide labeling text with their drugs?

  • It is mandatory (regulatory requirement), would be a short, but incomplete answer.

  • It helps prevent lawsuits (especially U.S. leaflets), is part of the answer.

  • To ensure patients get treated correctly, is still not the full reason.

  • Pharma companies provide labeling text with their drugs to give patients the highest possible chance of recovery from a disease or symptom.

So, remember:

If you are in the Pharma industry, next time you tell someone you are proofreading, this is not to get the text right, you do it to help a patient recover from a disease or cope with a symptom. If you proofread in the book editing industry, this can be to ensure the reader has a pleasant experience, if you proofread in the financial industry, it can be to ensure the readers make the right investment decisions.

Suddenly proofreading has a lot more value.

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