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May 3, 2021

The Schlafender Hase Team

O.K., So You Must Do a Manual Proofread?

The meaning of O.K. stems from the words “all correct”, spelled incorrectly.

There are countless novels that have parts where the author has written phonetically to mimic the sound of a local dialect or accent. These types of plays on words, are truly that: play, not serious and intended for entertainment.

Since spelling was standardized centuries ago, it should be one’s responsibility, as a communicative being, to strive to perfect this particular science.

For many, if not most people today, many words go unchecked, meanings lost between the phrases.

The Importance of Proofreading

Hopefully, when in a work setting, a greater importance is placed on proofreading. However, because the stakes are so much higher, smaller mistakes can lead to costly damage.

The damage can likely mean reputation, expensive and time-consuming recalls, even major health and safety issues if the mistake went un-proofread in the fields of engineering or life-sciences.

Particularly in the field of pharmaceuticals, days are spent proofreading and rereading packaging materials about to become available to the public.  This field of work, Regulatory Affairs, is one of discipline and an exercise in stress management.

Take a look at the diagram below:

Labelling Review Process Diagram.png


As you can see, there are many areas where a word or just a letter could be overlooked, there are many spots of repetition, which can tire the eye and leave room for unseen typos.  This is tedious work, but crucial work none-the-less and can only be executed by those with the highest level of training.  However, with these skilled RA professionals stuck in proofreading “ping-pong” lose hours out of their week that could be spent doing higher-value tasks, for both themselves and their company.

Reduce workloads with TVT

This is where there is help available. Schlafender Hase® has created software, the Text Verification Tool® that will proofread packaging details and report where deviations exist and prompt the user to take action.

The Text Verification Tool:

  • does not tire

  • examines each letter & each symbol

  • works in any language, even right to left languages

  • works in any format, even for info in tables

I believe a large part of why we are such communicative beings is because we are naturally driven to be caring. This empathy is a core value of Schlafender Hase and is the reason why TVT was born: we want to help and get the word out that struggling through a manual proofread is no longer O.K.

RA professionals are working to make sure our medicines are prescribed, consumed and stored correctly.  They deserve a little more time to rest easily at the end of their day, knowing their labeling information is all correct.  Not only for the sake of their careers and company, but for social responsibility to the consumer.

At the end of the day, we just want to be sure we are all O.K., isn’t that korrect?

Want more proof on how TVT helps? Check out our White Paper examining the ROI of TVT

Do you want to find out more about how your proofreading life can be easier? Get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it.

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