2013: A Year in Review

January 2013

Visiting Janssen in Toronto, Canada

Visiting Janssen in Toronto, Canada

  • The year starts as the previous one has ended – very very busy: in the first week of 2013 we do WebEx sessions for 5 pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and Europe.
  • The second TVT Expert Seminar takes place in the beautiful Design-Hotel Bad Bubendorf in Switzerland. Five different companies send seven participants for this two-day event.
  • The Indian Week takes place in our premises in Frankfurt, Germany, and we are happy to announce that we found two partners for the sale of TVT in India: Debug Services in Mumbai, and Pratham Technologies in Pune. Many thanks to everybody involved for all the efforts and support to make this a success!
  • SHP travels to Bruxelles to demo TVT to a local pharmaceutical company.
  • Continuing the Canada story from September: SHP sends Yuliana and Marc to Toronto in order to perform a training for a company who from now on decides to use TVT instead of a local product. It is snowing!
  • SHP travels to Aesch in Switzerland to discuss the implementation of TVT with a local pharmaceutical company.
  • One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies gets in touch with us to discuss further roll-out and implementation of concurrent TVT licenses for their global organization.

February 2013

  • Since Yuliana is flying around the world more or less constantly, we are looking for a new team member! Many interviews are being conducted.
  • SHP goes to Paris for a two-day training.
  • SHP also travels to Switzerland to talk with PAS Media about the integration of TVT for their clients.
  • SHP travels again – this time to Boston to participate in the Medical Devices Summit and to perform a training session in the U.S.A.
  • An intensive two-day training for TVT is held for a German pharmaceutical company who plans to roll out TVT on a global basis.
  • A one-day-update training takes place in Ulm for Ratiopharm.
  • Kate and Sarah from DVS Quality Solutions in the U.K. pay us a visit to coordinate further activities.
  • We do our very first internal “Training Day” with almost all trainers involved in order to improve and harmonize our training efforts.
  • We plan to meet our partner in the U.S. in order to intensify our good relationship.
  • Parallel importers realize that they benefit financially when using TVT in collaboration with the European health authorities. As of April 2013 a new scale for charging will be applied for parallel distributors in the EU.
  • Always in a hurry, never stop to worry… Marc rushes to Boston in order to provide a two-day training for a new TVT customer in the U.S. Don’t miss your plane, Marc!
  • SHP travels to Copenhagen in order to start the preparations for the First TVT Summit including Two-Day User Training and Expert Breakout Sessions. Don’t miss your plane, Willie!

March 2013

  • One of Germany’s biggest generic companies switches to TVT 6.0. They validate the software & train a group of global acting employees.
  • Marc and Willie fly over to Chicago to meet PC Industries. Yuliana picks us up at O’Hare. Thank you again, Yuliana!
  • Yuliana travels to the Big Apple to perform a full two-day TVT Training for one of our customers on Long Island, New York. The training went more than well, thank you, Yuliana!
  • SHP travels to Amsterdam to participate in this year’s annual DIA Europe Meeting.
  • A warm Welcome! to Andrea Berger, who joins the Schlafender Hase Team.

April 2013

  • SHP welcomes Andrea Brunsch who joins the team as Quality Manager.
  • SHP performs another WebEx demonstration to a veterinary pharmaceutical company in the U.S., the customer is very impressed about our "error-in-error-out" handling.
  • We establish a dialogue with one of our Medical Device customers in order to create a comparison setting serving better the needs of the MedDevice industry.
  • According to the growing need of Text Verification within non pharmaceutical industries, we attend a conference on labeling for Cosmetics.
  • Another product demonstration presentation is done for Astellas who wants to increase the company wide usage of TVT.
  • The team travels to Basel for another round of discussions with one of its largest TVT customers.
  • The developers need an additional colleague: Daniel Schumann joins SHP, Welcome to the team!
  • The program for the TVT Summit in Copenhagen in June develops very well.
  • A two-day-training is conducted in Limburg for Mundipharma.
  • The SHP team receives an internal training on GAMP 5.

May 2013

  • Parallel importers increase the number of TVT licenses due to the fact that TVT exactly meets requirements by the European Medicines Agency.
  • Upon the invitation of Novartis Farma in Portugal, SHP flies to Porto to participate in the RACI, a two day pharmaceutical conference. Together with Margarida Alves, Marc runs a presentation about TVT.
  • The cosmetic industry discovers TVT in order to smoothen artwork and labeling processes.
  • The German health authority BfArM gets a detailed training in TVT.
  • The SHP team travels to Manchester to meet the team from DVS Quality Solutions Ltd.
  • We meet with AC Mediengruppe GmbH, who want to do a presentation about Artwork Management for Pharmaceutical Industry during the TVT Summit in Copenhagen.
  • Marc flies to Sweden to perform a two-day-training for SOBI (Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB).
  • Pfizer Inc. increases the number of TVT licenses for use in Asia Pacific.
  • A couple of WebEx-sessions starts with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical company who wants to drastically extend the usage of TVT worldwide.
  • A global translation company wants to know about TVT, we demo the software to them on a WebEx

June 2013

SH Team at the TVT Summit in Brussels

SH Team at the TVT Summit in Brussels

  • We visit the DIA Congress in Boston together with our U.S. partner PC Industries. Through the exhibition we generate a lot of opportunities for the US market.
  • One of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies goes for TVT after using a competitor’s software for several years. The main reasons for deciding for the Text Verification Tool are: the former software failed in some cases & TVT’s user-friendliness.
  • The TVT Summit starts in Copenhagen. For three days users, regulatory affairs, IT and packaging managers, project leaders, friends of SHP as well as stakeholders of TVT come to the Hotel Admiral in Copenhagen. 19 companies send 45 people to discuss TVT. The motto of this first TVT Summit: Making Text Verification Work for You!
  • The world’s biggest generic company increases the number of TVT licenses in correspondence with a team training.

July 2013

  • After more than one and a half years negotiating the global license contract with one of the biggest pharmaceutical players of the world, an agreement is reached this July. The contract is signed, the cakes are eaten, the champagne is drunk! Thanks to everybody involved!
  • The ANSM becomes a TVT customer!! After a global bid, the French authorities (former AFSSAPS) choose TVT. After the EMA, BfArM and MHRA, the ANSM is the 4th health agency using the TVT.
  • Marc is invited to an internal European Packaging and Labelling meeting of a global pharmaceutical player head quartered in France.
  • A pharmaceutical company head quartered in Belgium is convinced that TVT will speed up their proofreading process and increase the quality of their documents: They invest in TVT on a global scale including worldwide trainings… Marc is already packing his suitcase!
  • The Chinese affiliate of one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies buys several TVT licenses. They immediately recognized the improvement in speed and quality in their proofreading process for their Chinese documents.
  • Only a few months after their initial purchase a parallel importer head quartered in Scandinavia increases the number of TVT licenses by 50% as they realize that TVT is of high value in their business.

August 2013

  • AbbVie signs the contract and becomes one of the 160 (!) TVT customers of Schlafender Hase.
  • We have a team building event and are really surprised how many people can fit on one (empty …) beer crate.
  • We perform a conference call with the European Medicines Agency who want to extend the number of TVT licenses.
  • Regular meetings with our partner in the U.S., PC Industries, continue.
  • A division of Medtronic Inc. is evaluating our Text Verification Tool.

September 2013

  • SHP travels to Paris to perform a 2-day training at the French Medicines Angency – ANSM (Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament).
  • Siemens and Hennig Arzneimittel buy licenses of the Text Verification Tool.
  • Marc flies over to Atlanta to perform the first of a series of training sessions for a pan-European pharmaceutical company that rolled out TVT on a global basis. The second training takes place in Bruxelles in September.
  • SHP visits the Expopharm in Düsseldorf.
  • We visit the Spanish Medicines Agency – AEMPS (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios) in Madrid to perform an extended demo of our Text Verification Tool.
  • Again SHP passes succesfully the 8th DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 recertification for the "Design and Development of Software for Regulated Environments".
  • A subsidiary of Polpharma, Polfa Warszaw SA, buys the Text Verification Tool for their electronic proofreading needs.
  • SHP participates in this year’s RAPS in Boston.
  • SHP travels to Switzerland to visit a packaging company that focusses on packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • We perform an internal new features meeting for our next release of TVT.

October 2013

  • A pharmaceutical company headquartered in Germany purchases a huge amount of concurrent licenses for their regulatory affairs department.
  • SHP attends the CPhI in Frankfurt.
  • Marc travels again to the U.S. for trainings and product demonstrations.
  • DVS QS Ltd. performs a training for one of our customers.

November 2013

  • The Text Verification Tool is brilliant for documents in markets like Diagnostics and Nutrition, so Agfa and Ferrero decide to purchase the Text Verification Tool for their proofreading purposes.
  • Valeant increase their amount of TVT licenses, just like Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly.
  • Merial France decides to purchase concurrent licenses of the TVT.
  • SHP travels to Paris for a training.
  • Pharmalab (Welcoop Group) buys the Text Verification Tool.
  • SHP performs a TVT demonstration to the German affiliate of an Indian pharmaceutical company.
  • A truly international TVT training was performed at one of our globally acting customer in Germany.
  • DVS QS Ltd. sends one person to do a TVT training session in Italy.
  •  A top three pharmaceutical company headquartered in the U.S. buys a huge amount of TVT licenses.
  • A top five pharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland increases the number of TVT licenses in Europe and Latin America.

December 2013

  • The European Medicines Agency purchases more licenses of TVT.
  • AbbVie Spain purchases TVT licenses.
  • More and more print and graphical suppliers to the pharmaceutical industry are interested in our Text Verification Tool, and what is good for the customers, is good for the suppliers in this case, too. We do five TVT demonstrations for various suppliers.
  • Beta testing phase for the brand new TVT 7 is running since some weeks now, we have various customer visits and WebEx to demo new features and discuss the new version.
  • SHP invites its employees for a Sushi lunch.
  • We demo TVT to a large pharma company headquarted in Ireland.
  • A global eyecare company receives further insights into TVT and broadens their test team.
  • The 2013 survey is completed - we draw three lucky winners! The first price (an Apple iPad) goes to Slovenia, the second price (high end digital camera) goes to Denmark, and the third (electronic picture frame) is sent to the U.S. Thanks to all participants, we are more than proud and happy about the results! The results will be shared during the second TVT Summit, which will take place in Summer in Brussels.
  • The whole SHP team travels to Manchester to celebrate with our UK partner, DVS Quality Solutions.
  • SHP demos TVT to Vistor, Iceland. Vistor services numerous international pharmaceutical companies.
  • A proven leader in branding and packaging across FMCG and Retail markets in Asia shows interest in TVT.
  • DG Medien, a full service provider around media products in Germany, invests in TVT and receives a training in our offices in Frankfurt.