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RAPS Sponsored Webcast: The Foundations of AI: A Non-Technical Introduction for Regulatory Affairs Professionals

Webcast: The Foundations of AI for Regulatory Affairs Professionals

AI is already being used in many Life Science applications, meanwhile, Health Authorities are looking to regulate the use of AI. As a regulatory affairs professional, it is essential to have an understanding of this technology.

In this general introduction to the field of AI, different uses of the term “Artificial Intelligence” will be discussed, and which might be desirable in a given context.

Digitizing the Proofreading Workflow: A Game Changer for Professionals in Life Sciences

Digitizing Your Proofreading Workflow 

Digital transformation is all the rage these days, but what does that actually mean for professionals working with regulated content in Pharma and Med Device, and more importantly, what does it mean for you?

Join us on November 10th as we explore the why and how of a digital proofreading workflow.