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Live vs. Rasterized vs. Vectorized Text

Live vs. Rasterized vs. Vectorized Text

In a previous post, we covered the basics of Unicode and why it’s so important for proofreaders (or anyone involved in the document creation, review and correction workflow) to understand the differences between the way humans and computers read language. Today, we’ll build on that knowledge as we examine different ways design and print proofs can be exported to PDF and the risks associated with removing live text from your organization’s documents.

Four Tips for Regulatory Affairs to Proofread Braille

Proofreading braille

If you are part of a Labelling, Packaging, Graphics or Regulatory Affairs Department, these four tips will save time, and reduce risk and stress due to a missed error – even if you don’t have access to software capable of reading Braille. Since some European regulatory bodies mandate important information such as product name and dosage be written in Braille on packaging, knowing how to ensure Braille accuracy will be an asset for you and your specific life sciences company.