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Schlafender Hase is Contacting its Customers to Help Them Work From Home

Frankfurt, Germany (March 18, 2020) – The coronavirus pandemic presents a global health challenge and Schlafender Hase wants to do its part to help its customers meet it. Businesses whose products are crucial to protect our health have a special responsibility. Schlafender Hase considers itself a partner to and part of the health industry and feels called upon to make a special response.

TVT Spelling: Added Insurance against Avoidable and Costly Spelling Errors

tvt spelling

Frankfurt, GERMANY (October 29, 2019) – Schlafender Hase®, the leader in smart proofreading software for sensitive, high-volume packaging and labelling requirements, is now offering new functionality to ensure against avoidable and costly spelling errors: TVT Spelling. TVT Spelling is an add-on module that is fully integrated into the company’s flagship automated proofreading software, TVT®, the Text Verification Tool®.

TVT X – A New Generation of Smart Proofreading & Image Comparison Software

tvt text verification tool

Frankfurt, Germany, October 2nd, 2018 – Schlafender Hase, the leader in smart proofreading software for sensitive, high-volume packaging & labelling requirements, has announced TVT X™ – a major new release of its flagship automated proofreading software: the Text Verification Tool® (TVT). It extends reliable, high-speed, detailed checks and reporting from initial document creation to print-ready graphics.

Schlafender Hase Inc. Expands its Presence in the Americas

Schlafender Hase GmbH, the maker of the Text Verification Tool® (TVT) and the global leader in text verification for regulated environments, are expanding their presence in the Americas by offering more local services such as software installation, validation, training & support by adding new leadership & talent to their growing team.