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How a National Regulatory Authority Increased Their Proofreading Targets by Over 50%

National Regulatory Authority

‘’TVT has contributed to a 50% increase in targets, which is truly more than we expected from any electronic solution,’’ reiterates the senior manager in the unit. ‘’It has given our team the ability to streamline our proofreading process and focus on improving our internal procedures.’’

Reed Tech SingleSource™ for Drug Products and Schlafender Hase TVT®, the Text Verification Tool®

Reed Tech

Reed Tech and Schlafender Hase are leaders in the Life Sciences industry working together to ensure that pharmaceutical companies and their products are compliant with global regulatory standards. Both companies understand and solve industry challenges with responsive solutions.

AstraZeneca – Best Proofreading Practices in Marketing with TVT


The Global Regulatory Labelling and Global Packaging departments of AstraZeneca are headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and work closely together with internal marketing and packaging partners across the group to ensure high-quality, accurate and informative materials relating to the company’s products.

Pharmathen – TVT Increases Employee Satisfaction and Doubles Productivity


At Pharmathen, this tedious part of the proofreading process was identified as the bottleneck, so Management was mandated to find a tool that would assist their team. By alleviating the need for manual proofreading, Pharmathen was hoping to increase employee satisfaction, and consequently increase production.