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July 11, 2019

The Schlafender Hase Team

Thinkinpress – Streamlining the Artwork Review Process

Thinkinpress is a premier global provider of artwork, artwork management and artwork support for the Pharmaceutical industry. They are experts in the creation of high quality, print ready artwork as well as centralizing the entire artwork process. They offer their clients high-quality artwork, while ensuring that every piece is delivered on-time and conforms to all regulatory compliance rules. Full support throughout the process is provided by a dedicated client project manager and by using industry leading tools to manage, inspect and optimize the process.

The Challenges

Dealing with very specific and highly regulated pieces such as leaflets, labels, cartons or booklets for the Pharmaceutical industry is a lot more complex than for most other industries. Not only are there extremely tight deadlines, but you must also contend with the regulatory requirements that are unique for almost every country.

Thinkinpress is all too familiar with the complexity of these artwork pieces, especially when it comes to languages and unique artwork layouts. With a global client base, they have projects in countless different languages including right to left languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Creating artworks is their core business, but ensuring that the content of the text provided by their client remains unchanged in the final PDF was a complicated task. This challenge was exacerbated when dealing with complex layouts like cartons, or multilingual documents which can be long to inspect or difficult in the case of foreign languages. Outsourcing this aspect was never an option, so short of hiring people who could speak every language, they needed to find a tool to do the work.

Another challenge faced by Thinkinpress was that they are always creating and managing high volumes of Pharmaceutical artwork. They recognized that manually proofreading each piece was creating a bottle neck in their otherwise fluid process. They knew that they needed to streamline the artwork review process which in turn would improve their quality and create an even more efficient workflow.

Choosing TVT (Text Verification Tool®)

When Thinkinpress made the decision to search for a tool to solve their business challenges, they had the advantage of a vast client base who had experience with such tools. This is where they heard about TVT.

A committee comprised of their Technical and QA teams was formed to begin evaluating all capable solutions, and they all agreed on TVT. “We knew about the implementation of proofreading software within Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical industry but TVT also helped us to significantly increase our efficiency within the production workflow.’’ Said Jordi Encinas, CEO, Thinkinpress.

‘’Overall it was an easy decision to choose TVT. The feedback we got from our clients that already used the tool was outstanding. What impressed us was the ability to generate straightforward reports which we could share with clients, the easy comparison in any language, the simple implementation of the SaaS model and the fact that we were provided a trial license. It is also a pleasure to work with our Account Manager at Schlafender Hase. This generated a high level of confidence as a future supplier”. Noted Encinas.

With TVT Thinkinpress was able to address each of their challenges and more:

  • Reduce review time & improve overall quality

  • Easily inspect any language as well as different artwork layouts

  • Provide a competitive advantage by guaranteeing error free work

  • Consolidate Thinkinpress’ s position as a premier global supplier of Pharmaceutical Artwork

As an artwork center, it is no surprise that they work in a MAC environment. This coupled with the need to have complete management versatility and flexibility, Thinkinpress decided to go with the TVTaaS model. “The TVTaaS implementation was very straightforward, and allowed the team to be up and running immediately’’ added Jordi Encinas.

Before implementing TVT, Thinkinpress needed several visual revisions at different stages, each creating a delay and with no guarantee of 100% accuracy. Since the implementation of TVT they have radically reduced the revision time, eliminated text and style errors and have more control. They can check artwork at any time in their workflow and in just a few minutes.

According to Jordi Encinas “TVT has exceeded our expectations when it comes to time savings. We can confidently say that it has at least doubled our productivity. It is an indispensable tool both for RA and QA.’’

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