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Top Pharma use document comparison software to proofread labeling. Why aren’t you?  

Top Pharma use document comparison software to proofread labeling. Why aren’t you?   When the subject of proofreading comes up, most think of correcting written text in a document such as a book or a school essay. In the Pharma industry, however, proofreading is a whole lot more than that. Packaging and labeling include elements … Read more

5 Ways a Proofreading Software will Keep your Regulatory Affairs Team Happy

5 ways to keep your Regulatory Affairs team happy

Proofreading documents manually in regulatory affairs (RA) in the life sciences industry is stressful, high-risk and can lead to job dissatisfaction. The stakes are high – errors can harm patient health, result in product recalls, and damage brand and company reputations. Here’s how TVT, the proofreading software for regulatory affairs, can keep an RA team happy.

Regulatory Guidelines for Labeling in Pharma

Regulatory Guidelines for Labeling in Pharma

Pharmaceutical labeling is a critical element of healthcare products and services that are strictly regulated by health authorities. This includes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Europe. The FDA oversees the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs, biopharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products. As a result, pharmaceutical labeling is a complex and meticulous process, with even minor errors resulting in significant consequences.

Regulatory Affairs – Partnering for Knowledge

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As a company that was built around a specific need for Regulatory Affairs (RA), we must also remain on top of regulatory developments. Ensuring our software continues to meet the needs of RA professionals. Our top resource is RAPS, the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society and in this article we look at our partnership with RAPS and the importance of this organization.