Regulators Hunger for Control of Nutrition and Nutraceuticals

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As the shelves of any supermarket soon reveal, public demand for healthier diet choices and enriched functional foods is at an all-time high. Governments and health service providers are encouraging the trend, promoting illness prevention through better lifestyles and eating habits, as a means of reducing the strain on healthcare and of bringing chronic diseases under control.

The life sciences industry, keen to reduce its reliance on expensive blockbuster drugs, has recognised the opportunity and wants its share of the action. Many firms are now embracing health foods and nutraceuticals through acquisition or partnership, or the expansion of existing businesses to include new divisions.

Yet, where operations and staff have come from outside the pharma industry, it is likely that there will be gaps in those businesses’ understanding of the strict regulatory landscape they will be subject to. 

This article is taken from International Pharmaceutical Industry September 2016