Food Follows Pharma into Tighter Regulatory Territory

2016-08-05 15_15_22-Food follows pharma into tighter regulatory territory - Feature _

Regulators’ growing interest in food and nutraceuticals (foods with added health benefits) reflects growing government interest in helping consumers to make better dietary choices. This will affect the pharma industry, which wants its share of these adjacent market opportunities. Nutraceuticals in particular offers a new take on preventative healthcare (keeping people well, as opposite to treating them after they become ill): Transparency Market Research estimates the nutraceuticals opportunity could be worth US $278.96 billion globally by 2021.

But however they approach this, firms need to appreciate the relative lack of maturity in regulatory compliance in adjacent markets – a situation that will be challenged as the authorities exert greater control over food claims and consumer information.

This article is taken from,  July 2016