Our mission is to maintain our global leadership position in proofreading software and services for regulated industries. We strive to provide high quality, user friendly text and graphic verification software that meets our customers' specific needs and requirements. 


Unicode Adopt-A-Character

We have adopted the Rabbit Unicode character from the Unicode Consortium.  We choose the Rabbit Unicode (U+1F407) since our company name means ''Sleeping Hare''. 

The Unicode Consortium is an organization that enables people around the world to use computers in any language.


Our History

Created in 2001, Schlafender Hase was an idea created between two friends.

Frank Hessler and Willie Schnaubelt met in 1996 while working at Hoechst. They quickly became friends and decided they wanted to open their own business. 

On May 1st, 2001 they opened an advertising agency that focused on providing Inter and Intranet services. Schlafender Hase was born. 

Schlafender Hase (which means: Sleeping Hare), was initially a code name for the company, but they decided to keep the name as their clients had such a positive reaction to it.

One of their earliest projects was with Aventis. The project was to integrate a form for packaging materials into the Aventis intranet.

Shortly after the launch of the project, Aventis inquired as to whether there was a tool that could help them compare text from a manuscript to text from artwork, regardless of the layout. The answer at that time was no, therefore Willie and Frank briefed their programmers and that was the birth of the Text Verification Tool (TVT).

In 2004, Aventis purchased TVT for all their affiliates around the world, and became Schlafender Hase's first global customer. In 2005, Novo Nordisk rolled out TVT for their headquarters in Europe and North America, while Eli Lilly joined the list of global TVT customers in 2006. 

Over 15 years later, Schlafender Hase is growing every year and though Willie has retired, Frank and the team are happy to still be offering the most reliable text and graphic verification system on the market.


Our Offices

Today we have two office locations, Frankfurt, Germany and Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA that serve upward of 5000 customers across the globe.


Schlafender Hase GmbH
Westerbachstrasse 47
60489 Frankfurt am Main

North America

Schlafender Hase Inc.
245 First Street Suite 1800-103
Cambridge, MA 02142


Our team of committed, talented  and reliable people is truly what allows Schlafender Hase to continually grow and help more companies eliminate text and graphic related errors.

We are proud of what we do and hope to work with you soon.


Below is our outward facing team who you may speak to on the phone, or meet at trade shows and trainings.